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Suitable for solid, liquid, powder, mash materail of food,fruit,pickles, chemical material, madicine, electrical instrument and metalmaterail.

Stainless steel made, hygiene and easy cleaning
Automatically finishing the process of extraction, sealing, cooling and aeration.
users can choose either long or short side for bag sealing
Sealing & cooling time, sealing temperature and vacuum pressure are adjustable.
deep in chamber size, which facilitates packing big products
Accept special requirements against the size of machine chambers


Model DZ-600
Machine dimemsion (mm) 76077090
Machine weight 173 kgs
Chamber size(mm) 600590230
Sealing band(mm) 50010(2)
Power 1500 W
Pumping spead 10-18 L/S (2 pumps)
Packing capacity 3 times/minute
Pressure 1.3332kpa
Electraical 380v/ 220v



Model DZ-800/ DZ-900/ DZ-1000
Machine dimemsion (mm)

8867201005 / 986×720×1005 / 1086×720×1005 /

Machine weight (kg) 190/ 202 / 222
Chamber size(mm) 806606190 / 906×606×190 / 1006×606×190
Sealing band(mm) 570 ,680 / 570, 780 / 570 , 880
Power 1000W/ 1000W/ 1500W
Pumping spead 10-18 L/S (2 pumps)
Packing capacity 3 times/minute

Electrica 380V 50HZ



Model DZK-500
Machine dimemsion (mm) 1690×710×1055
Machine weight (kgs) 220
Max. Product size(mm) 450×500×180
Sealing band(mm) 500×10 (1 Pcs each chamber)
Sealing Power 600W
Pump Power 1800W

Pumping speed

3 times/minute
Pressure 1. 3332kpa
Electrical 220v 50hz / 380v 50hz



Equipped with a conveyor belt, the machine can perform continuously . This greatly upgrades production output and saves manpower and time.

The front and rear end can be equipped with an automatic conveyor to make an automatic production line.

In case of packing plenty of liquid products,adjusting the angle of the   conveyor table can prevent the product from overflowing.

PLC control system, with individual display facilitates easy reading and operating.

Stainless steel construction features maximum durability and convenient cleaning.

Model DZ-1000W
Machine dimemsion (mm)


Machine weight (kg) 720
Chamber size(mm) 1080×500×80
Sealing band(mm) 1020
Power 2000W
Motor Power 370W×2
Packing capacity 4-8 times/minute (100 /200 M3/H)

Electrica 380V 50HZ