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  Auto Cup & Tray Sealer

Cup & Tray Sealers are applied to automatic film-sealing of the tray or cup made of PP, PE material.

can prolong the products shelf life while keeping the product to be fresh and preventing the products from moisture & mold,

like the variety of fresh products, fast-food & students lunch food in the supermarkets.


Model EQ9(Table Type Fully Auto) ED9(Table Type Manual)
Machine Size(mm) L230×W300×H530 L260×W240×H580
Weight 32kgs 30kgs
Max Speed 400 time /hour 200 time /hour
Sealing Size Diameter 7-9CM Made accordint to product Size
Temp. Control 0-300℃ 0-300℃
Electrical 220V 50HZ 220V 50HZ
Max. Power 200W 450w


Model HL95(Table Type Fully Auto) QDF95-(Table Type Fully Auto)
Machine Size (mm) L270×W370×H670 L3200×W450×H700
Weight 28kgs 40kgs
Max. Speed 500time/hour 500time/hour
Sealing Size Diameter 7-9.5CM Made accordint to product Size
Temp. Control 0-250℃ 0-250℃
Electrical 220V 50HZ 220V 50HZ
Max. Power 650W 650W



1.     Adopt electricity, gas & mechanism control. The user interface is realized with touch screen against programmable logic controller (PLC), featuring adjustable process parameters, easy & reliable control and low error rate.

2.     With real-time display function for process states & errors, user can follow up the process states to ensure normal operation.

3.     Being designed with emergency stop switch, the running machine can be stopped urgently for the human & machine security when abnormal situation occurs.

4.     HVT series Semiautomatic Tray Vacuum Gas-flushing Packaging Machine for tray in special size can be customized.

Suitable tray material & film material

Tray material: PP, PE, PET

Film material: PET/CPP, PET/PE, OPP/CPP, EVOH, aluminum foil & other applicable compound film.

型號 HVC450 Fully Auto tray Vacuum Packing Mc.
機器尺寸(mm) L1360×W840×H1475
重量 650kgs
封口速度 單2-3封口6-7次/分;真空+充氣+熱封2-3次/分
封口直徑 根據產品尺寸定制
溫控範圍 0-250℃
電力 380V 50HZ 三相
總功率 3680W (熱封功率:2000W)