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Film Packing Melting,Welding,Blister Packaging
  Cellophane overwrapping machine DVD PP film welding machine
  Shrink tunnel Blister heating machine
  L-type sealing machine Skin packing machine
  2 in 1 shrink packing machine High frequency machine
  Continue sealing machine Film stretching wrapping machine
Case and Bottle Packaging Vacuum Packaging
  Electomagnetic Induction alluminum foil sealing machine DZQ vacuum packing machine
  Paper or Film Tape Strapping machine Deep Chamber Vacuum packing machine
  PP tape Strapping machine Double chamber vacuum packing machine
  Cup and Tray Sealing Machine Single chamber Big Size vacuum packing machine
  Hot Printing and Coding machine Vacuum flushing packing machine
  Auto Capping machine Skin packing machine
  Auto Carton Sealer    
  Auto Air Cushion Machine  
Bag-making Packaging Filling Packaging
  Horizon Auto Packing Machine Automatic liquid filling machine
  Verticle packing machine for powder or grandule Liquid and Cream filling machine
  Verticle packing machine for liquid or cream Grandule and Powder filling machine
  Triangle-bag packing machine Auto self-adhesive labelling machine
  Powder packing machine