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A perfect sealing & shrinking can be achieved in one operation. Working size and position are adjustable, this is the most economic, simple and reliable Shrink Packing Machine.


Food, stationery, toys, gift, premium, electronic, housewares, drugs, etc.

Model M-4030 M-5540
Dimensions 1150mm °—600mm°—1150mm 1360mm°—730mm°—1450mm
package size 400mm x300mm x220mm 550mm°—400mm°—300mm
Capacity/min. 5-12 5-12
Electrical Voltage-----220v/1ph Voltage-----220v/1ph
Max. power 1.2-1.8 1.2-1.8
only one operator is needed

electric magnet to hold the hood.

teflon coated sealing bars.

save space, save man power, save energy.