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Cellophane Overwrapping Machine


MANON M-820 cellophane overwrapping machine is highly reliable in operation. Applied packages vary: video tape, cassette tape, camera tape, VCD, CD, computer floppy disk, cigarette box, poker box, medicine, foodstuff, family appliances and general stationery ect, as long as the package is square. Package size can be made according to customers' supplied sample.

In the past decades, our company have earnestly collected and synthesized valuable opinions from customers. With incessant research and innovation, we improve with the most up-to-date techniques and with rigorous quality control; we square no expenses investing in electrical appliances, electronics, computers, pneumatics, bearing transmission system and hardware materials, all of which are products of advanced countries, such as : United States, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy ect. It ensures our machines to be more reliable, sophisticated, light-weighed, durable, movable and easy operated (a worker needs only two hours to operate skillfully).

MANON machines not only sell well in Southeast Asia, but also have a ready market around the world, such as: P.R.China, Japan, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and South Africa ect.

There are some of brand and famous companies, such asLesser Panda Cigarette Factory and Bright Future Pharmaceutical laboratories ltd. in China; DENON, SONY, and TDK in Japan; US Media Disc., Inc. and BDG Publishing Inc. in Unite State; Kenmark Industrial(s) Pte. Ltd., J & H digital laser PTE LTD. TS laser Pte Ltd., Master Sound Pte. Ltd. in Singapore; and over 90% media-related companies in Hong Kong have been using the M-820 cellophane overwrapping machine. The above prove that our machines are precise and durable, and reasonable prices have won customers' trust.

pack products exquisitely and tightly.
flexible in size select and easy adjust for different size.
equipped with opticle sensor for color printed film.
equipped with tear-tape device.
equipped with auto-stop system to prevent box collision or paper jam.
equipped with safety guard with alarm.
can couple with auto input and (or) auto output device.
it takes up a little room only 1.5 square.
Model M-820
Dimensions (L)1320mm(W)780mm(H)1650mm
Measurement (L)1.38m(W)0.85m(H)1.79m
Weight   Net-----330kg Gross-----420kg

200-220v 50or60Hzsingle phase

110V +/-10% 60Hz by special order
Power   Max.2000Watts. Note: Provision of an AC regulated Power supple is recommended
Output: 45-55 packs/minute
Packing specification Single side glued
Wrapping material MST Cellophane, BOPP film, ect (heat sealable materail)

Speed Adjuster (0-50 pic/min)

Safety guard (a protecter with alarm system)
Photo sensor for printed film
Auto feeding machine
Auto collecting machine