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  Electomagnetic Induction alluminum foil sealing machine

This machine applies for all kinds of plastic bags sealing, bag making, printing. It is widely used for food, medicine, commodity, specialty, chemistry, electronical component, costume etc. Its the best equipment for factory and store.

Electronical constant temperature controller and auto transportation equipment
Can be used with all kinds of packing line
Sealing length is unlimited
High efficiency, stable sealing quality, good configuration, convenient operation.
Horizontal style, Stand-Horizontal style, Falling style and other styles.
Horizontal style suit Dry articles sealing. Stand-horizontal style suite liquid articles sealing
Sealing and printing are furnished together. Date and number can be changed.


Model 500A(Manual)
Machine Size (mm) L340×W290×H150
Weight 5kgs
Speed 約400次/小時
Sealing Diameter(mm) φ60∼φ130
Operation Manual (Press Button)
Electrical 220V 50HZ
Power 600w


Model 500A(Auto)
Machine Size (mm) L805×W310×H300
Weight 33 kgs
Speed 0-12米/分
Capacity 0-200瓶
Sealing Height (mm) 20-180
Sealing Diameter (mm) φ15-45mm /φ130-60mm
Cooling Funcrion Blow
Operation Auto
electrical 220V 50/60HZ
Power 1300w